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Localisation consulting for companies ready to go global

Translation is just one step of the long journey of going global. And you should start planning your trip around the world long before your departure date.

Hi there,

I'm Hristina.

Call me crazy but I think that localisation is a fascinating discipline and crucial for any business, being at the intersection of languages, technology, product, design and all things UX.


And I'm on a mission to get everyone else excited about it. After all, how can a business or a product be successful and truly global if it doesn’t respond to the needs of all its users no matter where in the world they are from or what language they speak.


Your global journey begins here

I help businesses and individuals succeed

on their global journey

You are an organisation expanding internationally? Or a professional trying to advance their career? 

Either way, localisation is hard to navigate through.

Using my experience in building scalable localisation solutions and leading localisation teams, I will help you achieve your goals.

Check out the services I provide and get in touch to start your global journey. 

Localisation consulting

Creating products and services for international users requires much more than just getting your website or app translated.

I enable companies succeed globally and deliver relevant experiences to their local customers by helping them think "Global first" and by setting up processes and tools to achieve that.

Workshops & Training

Tools & Processes

Strategy & Consulting

Recruiting & team setup

Career coaching

The localisation industry can be hard to navigate - from understanding different roles and responsibilities to getting leadership buy-in and achieving company-wide impact.

I enable aspiring and ambitious localisation professionals build a successful localisation career through personally tested strategies for growing critical skills, expanding area of influence and building a personal brand.

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