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First things first: yes, my name is spelled Hristina. It's Bulgarian, just like me.

My engagement with languages started early on: at the age of 6, I was teaching my Bulgarian grandparents English; and at the age of 8, I was arguing about English pronunciation with my then 18-year old cousin. Other hobbies at that time included writing poetry and reading stories about foreign lands.

In adulthood, those hobbies resulted in getting a degree in Iranian studies, living in 8 countries, and building a successful career around my passion for languages, stories and people.




My story

Build connections. Achieve excellence.

My mission

In my personal and professional life, I have been guided by two core values: build connections and achieve excellence

Throughout my career, I've been part of large international organisations where cultural diversity, excellency and scalability have been critical - a translator at various European institutions, Localisation project manager at Google and currently, Head of Localisation at Skyscanner.

In addition, over the last years, I've been leading several localisation communities while also speaking regularly at industry events on localisation, tools and processes, international UX, content strategy and building products for global audiences.

Those experiences have provided me with a unique advantage - visibility and understanding of localisation achievements and challenges in numerous successful international brands and in-depth knowledge of tools and processes for scalable and efficient localisation solutions. 

I'm on a mission to get everyone excited about localisation and give your international users the experience you aspire to create. 

I enjoy learning about a company’s exciting global plans and localisation challenges and have a keen ability to add value, so reach out for a chat. 


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