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As an independent localisation consultant, I'm at a unique position where I continuously expand my knowledge about localisation tools and processes while gaining insights into disciplines that collaborate with or require localisation, mainly product management, design and content.

This is why I get invited to talk at a very broad range of events and I would be happy to speak at yours too!

My speaking activities

Smartcat (LocFromhome)

Feb, 2021 - Speaker

Smartcat is a technology provider

I gave a presentation on "How to thrive in a crisis" with learnings for any organisation, that included understanding your user's needs, building the right products while continuously supporting your employees.

📺 Watch it here

Barcelona Technology School

Feb, 2021 - Workshop

UX Design and Tech school

I gave a localisation workshop to students in Master's degree in UX Design, with focus on international user experience - how to create content and design for international users and how to integrate localisation processes.


Jan, 2021 - Panel

LocWorld is the biggest localisation conference

I was part of a panel discussion on Accessibility, titled "You Can’t Be Inclusive until You’re Accessible"

📺 Watch it here


Dec, 2020 - Workshop

UX Design and Tech school

I gave a localisation workshop to over 170 attendees - UX designers, content managers, writers and front end developers. With focus on international user experience, I shared best practices for creating content and design intended for users from around the world. The workshop was a massive success based on the questions and feedback I got.


Dec, 2020 - Panelist

LocLife webinar

LocLife is an online event series, exploring the human side of localisation. It brings together industry leaders to share stories about personal and professional challenges, successes, as well as trends and the future of localisation. 

📺 Watch it here


Oct, 2020 - Workshop

Conference for product makers

I gave a workshop to product managers, designers and content strategies how to create content and experiences for international users.


Oct, 2020 - Podcast guest

The Loc Show podcast

I shared how I've set up the localisation team at Skyscanner and how we collaborate with other teams and disciplines, including how to gather and use relevant metrics for localisation.

🎧 Listen to it here

The Global Podcast

Sept, 2020 - Podcast guest

Podcast for global conversations

I talked to two of the industry biggest thought leaders about localisation for travel, opportunities in global crisis and understanding user preference and behaviour. 

🎧 Listen to it here

Content Rookie

Sept, 2020 - Podcast guest

Podcast on all things content

I chatted about why Localisation is actually international user experience, and why you need to test your copy in all languages. 

🎧 Listen to it here

Smartcat (LocFromHome)

Sept, 2020 - Panelist

Smartcat is a technology provider

How to sell localisation: a panel on ways to demonstrate the impact of localisation through data, evangelisation and enablement.

📺 Watch it here


July, 2020 - Speaker

LocWorld is the biggest localisation conference

Take your CxO on a localisation journey and get their buy-in. 

📺 Watch it here


June, 2020 - Panelist

Memsource is a language technology provider

Webinar was focused on tool integration and I shared my experience of selecting translation management system and the process of integrating it with various content management tools.


May, 2020 - Panelist

Wordbee is a language technology provider

We talked about the impact of COVID-19 on gaming, travel and translation and opportunities in times of global crisis. 

🎧 Listen to it here


Oct, 2019 - Speaker

International marketing summit

"Localisation strategies for global success": Best practices for global marketers 

📺 Watch it here


Sept, 2019 - Speaker

Conference for Product managers, UX designers and writers

"Localisation strategies for global success": What is the impact and benefit localisation teams bring, why product and design should work closer with localisation teams. 

📺 Watch it here

Women in Tech

May, 2019 - Speaker

"Localisation strategies for global success": Why localisation is important and how localisation teams can raise their profile and get localisation at the heart of product development. 

📺 Watch it here

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